Hey there! I'm Bri.


If you're ready to use speaking to sky-rocket your visibility, confidently market your business and get paid to speak...


You're in the right place.  

Grab Your Spot!

Hey there! I'm Bri.


If you're ready to use speaking to sky-rocket your visibility, confidently market your business and get paid to speak...


You're in the right place. 


Grab Your Spot

Speaking-based marketing is the easiest way to attract high-quality clients, and plenty of them.


There are perfect-for-you clients in your existing audience and they want you to capture their attention and motivate them to take action.


If the below sounds familiar...

The Get Visible 1:1 Program Is For You.

You’re Not Speaking Up

You’re great at what you do, but overthinking, perfectionism and procrastination are stopping you from speaking up, going after visibility opportunities and getting paid.

You Feel Like You're Winging It

You feel like you’re experimenting rather than implementing a plan, engagement is low, and you're pretty sure you’re missing out on opportunities and income.

You’re Not Making Predictable Sales (Yet)

You're yet to see a direct effect on your income levels from your speaking engagements and marketing using videos, podcasts, guest speaking etc. 


This is for you if you want to 


⭐️  Build your authority & position yourself as an expert in your field.


⭐️  Confidently use speaking to market your products or services. 


⭐️  Create income from speaking. 


⭐️  Engage and find the buyers in your audience.


⭐️  Utilize the power of guest-speaking and/or hosting using live videos, podcasts, webinars, online events, summits, workshops or media interviews...


And speak on-stage (when we're allowed out in public again!).

Working Together

Over 1-month we work on 4 steps


1.  Goals. We start with your speaking goals & agree on the strategy for the next 30 days in relation to your upcoming offers and income goals.


2. Master your Message. You create or improve your signature topics, including my full review and feedback for your outlines, scripts, slides.


3. Use Speaking to Market Your Offers. We outline a speaking and content strategy that is easy to implement, leveraging your existing video and written content and guest speaking opportunities to grow and engage your existing audience.


4. Expand your Audience. We create a pipeline of speaking opportunities leveraging other people's audiences and based on your interests and goals. This could include pitching for podcasts, online summits and/or creating your own events with a savvy system you can use on repeat.

What's Included


🚀  4 x 60-min weekly 1:1 video coaching calls.

🚀  Email and Messenger support between calls (Mon-Fri).

🚀  Speaker resources & pitch templates.

🚀  Video coaching call recordings to keep and review.


Full Payment Bonus!


90-min Goal-Setting Intensive (valued at $197 USD) that you can use to kick-off our time together. That takes our total number of sessions up to 5.

Ready to get started?

Your Investment

$1297 USD


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But How Do I Find Speaking Gigs?


🥺  Not a pitch master yet? No worries! 😎


BONUS! We'll develop your Press Kit.


I have a library of templates for you to choose from so you can pull together your speaker bio, approved photos and can't-be-ignored signature talk overviews.


These will be in your own voice and branding so that you can feel uber-prepared to pitch hosts and organisers of events, podcasts, summits and more.


You can also share your press kit on your website and repurpose sections to share on social media to BOOST your speaker authority and send the message - I'm ready to get paid to speak!


I’ll also share the networking methods that have hosts approaching me, so I’m never short of speaking opportunities.


Imagine Unlimited Speaking Opportunities


Hey, I’m Bri 

Your guide to getting paid to speak and to market your business with speaking confidence.

I’ve been there.


We’ve all experienced the “pre-going live” nerves.


Reluctantly scrolling past speaking opportunities.


Avoiding creating marketing videos. 


I was so worried about being judged.  


The truth is, I was always happier helping other people in the spotlight than being in it. 


I liked being the teacher but was never looking for a big stage. 


The first time I uploaded a video to social media after I launched my own business I didn’t sleep a wink.  


But now, I regularly speak to huge audiences online (440K+!) and can’t wait to get back to the stage once we’re able to because it’s the fastest way to grow and scale my business, and I’ve helped hundreds of online coaches do the same.


From my own entrepreneurial experience…


Through to my communication, live video and public speaking expertise and thought leadership as a guest speaker, contributor and facilitator…


I’ve learned incredible lessons - and some shortcuts - to authentically connect by share stories and experiences that ignite interest and spark conversations that lead to sales. 


For every speaking situation you can think of, there is a structure (that the audience never notices!) to guide the way. A method!


And paired with speaking confidence any speaking or marketing opportunity becomes much easier, and can become a source of excitement, connection, and income.


But you simply can’t start these conversations that lead to opportunities if you’re not connecting with your audience. 


It’s time to Get Visible!

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Let's Go!

Your Investment

$1297 USD


>> Or Click Here for 2 Payments of $650 USD <<